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Acorn Drinking Fountains are reliable and durable



There is no better way to test for the function, strength and durability of a product than to put it inside a correctional facility. Inmate vandalism and fights or riots can cause costly damage to jails, prisons and correctional facilities. One such example, a 2009 prison riot at the California Institution for Men in Chino, CA, lasted almost 12 hours and did an estimated $6 million worth of damage.

In addition to the costs involved, fixtures and other construction products that are broken or damaged by inmates have the potential to become weapons, creating dangerous situations for inmates and facility staff. The riot at the California Institution for Men injured 250 inmates, 55 of whom were hospitalized due to the seriousness of their injuries. News reports on the riot reported that many of these injuries were inflicted using “weapons of opportunity.”

Our manufacturers make a variety of products for the correctional market. Security plumbing products are built specifically for institutional environments, such as prisons, jails and correctional facilities. Their products have been put to the test in this environment and have passed and exceeded requirements for correctional institutions.

Benefits of security plumbing fixtures and construction products:

  • Heavy-gage stainless steel construction, which adds durability and strength above that of alternate materials.
  • Seamless welding—no accessible voids or crevices where contraband can be concealed.
  • Fixtures withstand a 2 ½ ton load without permanent deformation.
  • Ideal for new construction or retrofit—fixtures and other products can be engineered to fit existing rough-ins.