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School Groundskeeping and Maintenance Made Easy



Schools are facilities that see heavy public restroom use every day and school restrooms often suffer damage, whether it is accidental or due to intentional vandalism. Costs to repair broken fixtures are high at a time when many school district budgets are shrinking.

There are several measures schools can take to effectively prevent vandalism and keep restrooms in working order. One such measure is to use fixtures and accessories made from durable materials, such as stainless steel. This measure can save future costs because durable fixtures rarely need repair or replacement. Morris Industries Mexico’s manufacturers specialize in making plumbing fixtures and accessories that stand up to harsh punishments. These types of fixtures have been used in school construction projects to help prevent damaging and costly acts of vandalism and keep restrooms functional.

In addition to durability and functionality, an aesthetic appearance is also an important consideration for school restrooms. To that end, our manufacturers offer options such as Enviro-Glaze® powdercoating on all stainless steel fixtures.

Enviro-Glaze is a durable, electro-statically sprayed powder applied to the outside of a stainless steel fixture, then cured at temperatures in excess of 400°F. The coatings are chip resistant, can endure impact and will not bubble. Available in a variety of designer colors and textures, Enviro-Glaze makes it possible for stainless steel fixtures to retain the durability of stainless steel and still offer the aesthetics of designer fixtures.

In addition to Enviro-Glaze coatings, some products, such as lavatories and wash basins, can be constructed from Corterra, a polymer resin that is a durable alternative to stainless steel. Corterra comes in a variety of attractive colors to enhance the surrounding décor.

Benefits of durable restroom fixtures in schools include:

  • Heavy gage stainless steel construction, which adds durability and strength above that of porcelain.
  • Seamless welded construction, which prevents students from using the fixture to hide dangerous or illegal items.
  • Ideal for new construction or retrofit—fixtures can be engineered to fit existing rough-ins.
  • Low-maintenance and vandal-resistant—save money on repairs and replacements and keep restrooms functional.